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FUSE Hospital Compliance Modules FUSE Hospital Compliance Modules

$3,900.00 (USD)

Secure Your OR is Safe from Smoke and Electrosurgical Injuries

The FUSE hospital compliance modules provide the best OR safety program available, designed for every member of the operating team, including technicians and nurses. These are well-designed—and timely tools—that teach OR teams the necessary knowledge to deal with smoke, fire and device-related issues, including surgical smoke toxicity and spread of infection. Its smoke and fire modules are especially pertinent in the current pandemic environment to minimize risk to your OR staff and patients. 

The FUSE program has been validated and rigorously tested to increase OR safety standards. From the more than 300 surgeons who participated in a nationwide study of the FUSE program, 90 percent reported a change in practice, and a better understanding of surgical devices. More than 75 percent responded that it changed the way they were using the devices, and they would recommend the program to a colleague. With 85 percent of participants having witnessed an adverse event due to the use of surgical devices, 99 percent of those surveyed felt that the FUSE program would likely improve patient safety.



Valid for: 3 Year(s)


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Online Lesson1. License Agreement -
Online Lesson2. Safe Energy Use in the Operating Room -
Online Lesson3. Fires in the Operating Room -
Online Lesson4. Implanted Cardiac Devices -
Online Lesson5. Surgical Smoke and Aerosolization Safety -
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